I often get asked what is the difference between  a £1,500 upright piano and a £15,000 upright piano.  Besides the obvious answer, it is the name,  the quality, design and attention to detail which results in a consistent fine sounding instrument.

Piano Auctions Ltd seems to have become a magnet for attracting such instruments and in our April 6th 2017 Auction sale there was again a good choice, including:

Lot 27 - Boston (c2014) A Model 118 upright, bright ebonised case.  Hammer Price:  £3,100.

Lot 7 - Blüthner (c1993) A 120cm Model A upright, mahogany case.  Hammer Price:  £1,850.  (Pictured)

Lot 75 - Schimmel (c1988) A Model 114 upright, bright ebonised case.  Hammer Price:  £2,300.

Lot 79 - Steinway (c1971) A Model Z upright, satin walnut case.  Hammer Price:  £2,500.

Lot 51 - Steinway (c1928) A Model K upright, bright ebonised case, completely restored.  Hammer Price:  £7,500.

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