Lot 95 John Broadwood & Sons (c1816) £6,000 - 8,0


After a hard day in the office and, my wife being away, I sat by the fire, a modest claret in my hand to listen to Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Pathétique and mused how this modern recording  was so unlike how it would have originally sounded when first played on his Broadwood fortegrand.

The striking dramatic chord of the introduction would have sounded a fraction of the volume with a  thin timbre.  In fact, we would consider most sounds of the time an idyll compared with today’s bustle.

So, to get a taste of life two centuries ago and re-tune your ears you might be interested in a particular lot we had in our 7th April 2016 sale.

Lot 95 - John Broadwood & Sons (c1816)
A ‘Beethoven’ fortegrand piano in a banded mahogany case on baluster turned supports, the nameboard with inlaid brass decoration; compass of  6-octaves. Hammer Price £4,500      (Pictured right)

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