If I was to give a tip for an investment for the future it would be square pianos.  Square pianos were the predecessor of the upright, bought by those with either less money or room to house a fortegrand.  The earliest in England, made in 1766 by Zumpe, is certainly worth a great deal but as we approach the 1800s they are worth less, often just a few hundred pounds.  Such beautiful instruments surely must appreciate in value in the future.

We were proud to offer in our September 2015 sale a very collectable Frederick Beck square of 1779.

Frederick Beck (c1779)
A square piano in a mahogany case with a trestle base. The fascia bearing the inscription: 'Fredericus Beck Londini Fecit 1779, No 4 and 10, Broad Street, Golden Square'.  Lot 35 Hammer Price £1,250.

If you have an interest in square pianos you might wish to contact Friends of Square Pianos -

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