Both Bösendorfer and Steinway have their enthusiastic devotees  - each claiming their preferred maker is the better.  So for the Bösendorfer lovers we had 4 grand pianos in our Christmas 2014 sale.

Lot 10 Bösendorfer (c1987) A 6ft 7in Model 200 grand piano in a satin walnut case. Hammer price £15,500

Lot 49 Bösendorfer (c1937) A 5ft 8in grand piano in a mahogany case. Hammer price £4,500

Lot 75 Bösendorfer (c1973) A 7ft 5in Model 225  grand piano in an ebonised case. Hammer price £9,500

Lot 87 Bösendorfer (c1925) A 5ft 7in grand piano in a bright ebonised case. Hammer price £9,500

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