Steinways! Steinways! Steinways! DECEMBER 2013 UPDATE!

With a new upright piano costing in excess of £20,000, and a grand more than £40,000, it seems remarkable that you can still buy one in our auction for £1,000 and £4,000 respectively - albeit it they may be 100 years or so older - they’re still Steinways.

In our September 2013 sale we had 27 Steinways and then in December, breaking our own record, we had an amazing 39!! These ranged from uprights at around £1,000  to a recent Model B with a guide price of £30,000 - 35,000.

This is the reason why PianoAuctions Ltd has become the venue for buying and selling second-hand Steinways!

Lot 115 (pictured right) Steinway (c2003)
A 6ft 11in Model B grand piano in a bright mahogany case on square tapered legs. Hammer Price £31,000


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