Undeterred by fluctuations in world markets, the demand for the Steinway brand continues unabated and Piano Auctions have become the ideal conduit for both buyers and sellers.  In our forthcoming Auction Sale of the 2nd April 2020, we currently have a choice of 19 grand pianos and 11 uprights. Below are some examples.

Lot 95  Steinway (c1919)
A 5ft 10in Model O grand piano in a rosewood case on square tapered legs. 
Estimate:  £5,000 – 7,000.

Lot 56  Steinway (c1925)
A Model K upright piano in a mahogany case.
Estimate:  £1,500 – 2,000.

Lot 100  Steinway (c1985)
A 9ft Model D concert grand piano in a bright ebonised case on square tapered legs.  This piano was re-built and re-polished is c2015.
Estimate:  £30,000 – 40,000.



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